Graphic Arts

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The Graphic Arts market is ever-growing with new end-use applications, materials and printing technology developments.


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For the Composite industry, Loparex has long been the premier supplier of release liners. Developing the most technically advanced products in synergy with our customers' requirements.


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The global feminine hygiene market is wide and varied in its scope, and world leaders in this segment continue to expand the market by innovating products that are thinner, more breathable and absorbent.


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Loparex develops tailor-made release liner solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Our release liners are an essential part of industrial processes and finished industrial products.


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Loparex manufactures release liners offering special performance advantages in both prime and secondary label markets.


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Loparex develops and manufactures siliconised paper and film-based release liners for the most demanding medical applications.


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Loparex works closely with all prominent tape manufacturers to develop new release liner solutions for traditional and new, high-tech applications.

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Loparex delivers unparalleled customer solutions with the industry’s broadest product portfolio, produced and serviced globally with world-class manufacturing, sales, R&D and customer service teams

Loparex is a leading, global manufacturer of silicone release liners, used in a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive applications.

With in-depth technical expertise, state-of-the-art production technology and flexible service programs around the world, Loparex can offer you the right release liner for your specific application. There’s no better solutions partner than Loparex to support your business and back the value of your products and your brand.

We are the largest global supplier of release liners with the most comprehensive LOCAL customer service. Our Loparex agents and technical experts are at your disposal to select and develop the right solution to match your production processes and end-use requirements.

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