When a converting company was planning to purchase a coater for a new product, it contacted Loparex to determine what type of release liner was appropriate to pair with the new product.  The result: The company saved time and money by getting a customized release liner that worked perfectly as soon as the product came off the assembly line.

The company had already decided to hire a project manager to supervise development projects from inception through to scale-up when the new coater project was added to the agenda. The project manager quickly realized the coater would require a type of silicone liner the company had not used before. The company requested a meeting with Loparex.

Loparex visited the manufacturer’s site and performed a thorough review of the specifications for the new coater, the end product, the type of environment it would be stored and shipped under and cost considerations. The review did not require the company to reveal any proprietary information.

A key consideration for the customer was quality control of raw ingredients. “We were impressed that Loparex has dual sourcing of top quality ingredients,’’ noted the product manager. “It’s obvious that Loparex is very attentive to the supply chain.’’ It was also helpful that Loparex had worked with this type of converting equipment in the past. “We’ve seen all the problems companies can have using this piece of equipment so we were able to help the company avoid those,’’ explains Jim Miksta, Vice President of Research and Development.

Understanding the conditions the liner would be used under is a critical part of Loparex’ assessment process.  “The more we understand, the better our recommendation will be. We are building a sandwich of at least a substrate, silicone, adhesive, and face stock. Its behavior changes every time a layer is added. To choose the right liner, we need to know more than just release values and liner ,’’ says Miksta.

By engaging the manufacturer early in the process, the new coater worked to turn out a product correctly right from the start. “It was a good process. It met the customer’s need for a cost-efficient, high-functioning product,’’ says Miksta.

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