Blown Film Extrusion

Loparex, one of the leading blown film manufacturers in North America, has multiple blown film lines with a wide range of capabilities to produce various plastic films. At Loparex, our coated blown films are available from 30 to 350 microns (1.2 to 14.0 mils) thickness and in widths up to 2337 mm (92”), and in multiple colors depending on resin, caliper and width produced. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that meets your specific needs.

Typical film types include PP, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE and LDPE. Loparex also offers custom resins, including EVA and EMAC.

Value-Added Features

Because not every job has the same requirements, we offer a variety of customizations to meet your needs. These include:

 - Color customizations
 - Physical property modifications, including tensile, tear, elongation, and more
 - Slip and anti-block additives
 - Flame retardancy
 - Anti-static properties
 - UV stability
 - Anti-microbial additives
 - Peelable layers

Blown Film Applications

Typical blown films applications include:

 - Agricultural film

 - Bag films

 - Industrial packaging

 - Consumer packaging

 - Laminating film

 - Barrier film

 - Multi-layer film

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Coated Blown Films Products

With multiple blown film lines in the U.S. offering a wide range of capabilities to produce various plastic films, Loparex has the ability to assist you with your coated blown film needs.

Our post-filming capabilities include the ability to coat our blown films with a wide variety of

 - Anti-static

 - Anti-bacterial

 - Release

 - Heat seal coatings

 Our powerful blown film and coating lines transform our raw materials into tailored formulations that suit our customers’ needs perfectly—and with short lead times. 

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Coated Blown Films Advantages and Benefits

As a leader in blown film manufacturing, Loparex is committed to providing the highest-quality products and service for your film applications.

Loparex typically supplies film from 1.2 to 14.0 mils (30 to 350 microns) thickness and in widths up to 92” (2337 mm), as well as in a broad range of colors to develop the unique looks that meet your needs. In addition, we will develop supply chain solutions to provide JIT delivery, short lead times and low minimum order quantities to help you manage your inventory levels and cash flow.

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