Loparex Group's history started at the beginning of the 20th century.

Loparex has grown from a small pulp manufacturer to a leading worldwide producer of siliconized release liners. The company was one of the first to manufacture silicone-coated paper.  Loparex’s record of growth, market position and current global presence, however, has come through specialization and value-added product development.

During its 60 years of history, the company has been operating under several different names and owners.

In 2001, Lohja Group and Rexam Release were merged, and the new company was re-named Loparex. In 2004, Loparex Guangzhou plant in China started its operations. 

Loparex acquired the former Douglas-Hanson Company in 2006 to become a stronger supplier in the manufacture and delivery of release liner and blown film products. 

Since September 2005, Loparex has been owned predominantly by AAC Capital Partners investment group.
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