Thursday, January 26, 2017 Loparex Launches Lopasil Ultra, a High Performance Direct Coated Release Liner

Loparex Launches Lopasil Ultra, a High Performance Direct Coated Release Liner
Loparex is excited to introduce Lopasil Ultra. Through innovative process technology, Lopasil Ultra provides all the positive benefits of paper, while delivering a high level of dimensional stability that is near the performance of a high quality poly-coated paper. This release liner offers an unmatched combination of performance characteristics previously not available in a direct coated paper release liner.
Our goal is to drive innovation and expand our product portfolio to help meet the ever-changing needs of our customer and the market. This product is specifically designed to offer improved performance at a competitive price. If your coating or converting process, or the end user, requires a high performance paper liner, Lopasil Ultra could be the perfect solution for your business.
About Loparex
Loparex is a global manufacturer of poly-coated and silicone-coated release liners for papers and films, used in a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive applications. Loparex provides in-depth technical expertise, state-of-the-art production technology, flexible service programs, and an experienced Sales and R&D team driving global innovation, all backed by a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations in quality, performance and service.
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