Monday, September 10, 2018 Press Release: Loparex Asia-Pacific Operations
10 September 2018 - Loparex is announcing the consolidation of their operating assets in Asia-Pacific into the Guangzhou facility in China. This will mean the closure of Loparex’s facility in Rayong, Thailand and relocation of critical assets to Guangzhou.

“The ever-changing nature of the Asia-Pacific market requires that all companies continuously review and revise their operating and market strategies.” “The closure of the facility was decided after exhaustively evaluating alternative operating concepts and business models”, stated Ms. Thongyin Sheng, the VP and General Manager of Loparex Asia-Pacific.

Mr. Simon Medley, Loparex’s CEO commented “Loparex remains committed to global growth, and Asia-Pacific growth is a key element of the corporate strategy.” He continued, “While a plant closure is regretful, and is a decision not taken lightly given the impact to employees, the consolidation of our production footprint to Guangzhou is the right move in re-setting Loparex for long-term success in Asia-Pacific.”

Loparex remains committed to its customers and will continue to support the Asia-Pacific market through valued release liner solutions supplied from its network of production operations. Loparex will maintain its operational excellence, optimal quality and customer value focus in the region throughout the transition.

Loparex will be working with all stakeholders through this transition: customers, suppliers and employees.

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