Loparex has more than 100 years of experience in the release papers and films industry. Along with our in-depth research and development capabilities, we provide personalized customer service and environmentally friendly solutions that help us find the right product for you.

Our case studies here will show some of the solutions that we have provided to our valuable customers.

Customer Type of solution
How a higher cost liner turned out to be a cost-saver Finding the cheapest liner is often the goal for a manufacturer. But what happens when a low-cost liner creates a great deal of expensive waste? That’s the problem one company was facing when it met w ... Read More
The advantages of engaging a liner manufacturer early When a converting company was planning to purchase a coater for a new product, it contacted Loparex to determine what type of release liner was appropriate to pair with the new product.  The result: T ... Read More
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We are the largest global supplier of release liners with the most comprehensive LOCAL customer service. Our Loparex agents and technical experts are at your disposal to select and develop the right solution to match your production processes and end-use requirements.

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